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The Joy of Velcro

Updated: May 13, 2020

This makes a very nice back for the shields. Doesn't pull hair like rubber bands and is a great value. Downside: it takes a long time to cut the strips, cut the openings for attachment to the cleats, stick the two sides together so the users can figure it all out. Here is an explanation of the DIY process. Each pair of giant spools makes about 200 backs.

Start with a pair of 50 yard spools. You know how velcro has a top and a bottom.

Cut each spool into 8.5" lengths.

I banded each side into groups of ten. You'll see later how handy this is.

Working on one end only, fold the tip back so you can cut a slash with scissors. It has to be half as long as the cleat on the headpiece. A little too big is better than too small. Leave room at the very end so it doesn't pull apart.

See how nice?

Align the two velcro halves so the slashed ends are on the outsides. Since you kept them in the rubber bands, you don't have to try to find the slashes again. Also, you have kept the two parts separate. This is important because if they come anywhere near each other, they grab on and are a pain to separate again.

Band the completed set into groups of 10, ready to add to the bags of prints.

Ready to wear.

Looking good!

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